Portmone Blog News Portmone.com launches chatbot payments in Viber

Portmone.com launches chatbot payments in Viber

Following the global strategy of integrating payment systems into communication applications, Portmone.com has developed a technical solution for Viber, enabling Ukrainian messenger users to make payments in chatbots. Payment is made via Google Pay, Apple Pay or other native mobile wallet.

The development of this service was planned specifically for the 10th anniversary of Viber, and thanks to the technical solutions of Portmone.com as a partner, Ukraine became the first country where it was implemented.

Starting from November 19, Ukrainians can make purchases immediately from several proven providers directly via Viber. Users can now make payments for various goods and services directly in the application through authorized chatbots if their bank supports such a service. All they need to do is add a credit or debit card to their native mobile wallet on their smartphone and the payment option will be available in all verified chatbots (marked with a blue tick mark on Viber).

The ability to pay via Viber is available to any Ukrainian business.  To do this, just go to Portmone.business and get all the instructions on how to connect.

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