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How do regular payment settings make your life easier?

According to Portmone.com, more than 1 million people who use a mobile app to pay their bills pay for utilities, internet, mobile recharge, and insurance every month.

 If the utility bills are not paid on time, nothing critical will happen.  But the lack of a positive balance on the phone and for the Internet can unscheduled stop work and vital tasks.  Therefore, to make life easier for a busy person and free his head from routine tasks of paying bills, the Portmone.com application has a function for creating automatic payments.  Setting up regular payments is also available on the website.

Auto payment is a function of regularly debiting funds from the card on a specified day, according to a schedule or according to the balance threshold.  In the first case, on a certain day of the month, the balance on the phone or Internet account will be replenished with a fixed amount.  In this case, the person does not control the timeliness of the payment and knows for sure that he will always be in touch.

 In addition to replenishing mobile and Internet, regular payments are also suitable for those people who have insurance, paid not for a year in advance, but monthly.

In the second case, everyone can set the replenishment of accounts on a schedule, when a person, for example, has a vacation or a business trip.  And he can set up the replenishment every week for a small amount of money, and when he knows the dates of the vacation, he can edit or delete the automatic payment for that time.  For example, in the case of the Triolan provider, you can replenish the Internet not for a month,for a certain number of days.

 It is convenient to enable regularly scheduled payments from the 20th of every month to pay utility bills (so as not to stress once again and not waste valuable time on monotonous work).

Setting an automatic payment “by balance threshold” is convenient for those who think ahead.  Upon reaching the minimum account balance, an automatic payment is triggered.  If there are no funds on the card, a person will have several days to replenish it.  Having made the setting of a regular payment, there is no need to manually re-enter your card details – payment of important bills will be carried out automatically.

How to set up regular payments:

  1. Install Portmone app and login.
  2. Make a payment once (for phone, internet, insurance, etc.).
  3. The saved payment templates will suggest setting up automatic payments.

How and where can I check whether regular payments have passed?

It’s simple.  Firstly, a receipt will be sent to the specified phone/email notifying of the withdrawal of funds from the card.  Secondly, all successful transactions for automatic payments are stored in the application or account on the website in the “Archive”.

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