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How to pay a fine for traffic violations via the Internet and offline?

It is easiest for Ukrainian drivers to pay a fine in case of violation on the spot, through the police terminal. But what if you don’t have a bank card with you? Or is the number of funds on it limited? And the terminal can be seen not in every police car. There are several alternative ways.

Online service

This particular method is convenient because the fine can be paid at any time, at home, in the office, or on the road, throughout Ukraine.  Use a computer, laptop, or smartphone with a mobile application: to pay a fine, you will need to indicate the series of the order, its number, and personal data.  This can be done with a card from any bank.  After paying the fine, you will receive a receipt by e-mail and a certificate of repayment – the money will go to the Treasury account.  Importantly, there is no need to enter credit card information.  If there are any questions for payment and it does not go through, you will be notified after the operation is completed.  You will also need to pay a commission that the service will request.  After depositing funds, always keep your payment receipt to confirm the transfer of funds in case of unforeseen circumstances.

On the official website of the bank

 This is a convenient way to pay fines via the Internet, but not without its drawbacks.  Firstly, not all Ukrainian banks have the option of remote online payment of a fine for incorrect parking or other violation.  Secondly, almost all banks, where the service of payment of fines is provided, require drivers to first open an account with their organization, which is not always convenient.

 Through Privat 24

This method assumes that the driver must independently indicate the state treasury indicated in the order form, enter personal data, and the order number.  Always check the management details carefully before paying the fine.  The service also has its drawbacks: so, until you can finally pay the fine for traffic violations, you will have to make an impressive number of transitions between pages.

 Payment at a bank branch

 Most often, pensioners who are far from Internet technologies decide to pay fines in this way.  This is one of the most inconvenient ways since you will have to stand in a long queue at the cashier, and the commission will amount to a record of 2–5% of the payment.  Also, the disadvantages of this service can be attributed to the binding to the schedule of the cash box.

 Payment in the service of the Kyiv Patrol Police Department

 If you want to pay fines in this way, be prepared to go to the Solomenskiy district (Narodnogo Opolcheniya str., 9), spend time looking for the office you need, and stand in line again. To make a payment, you must have your passport and TIN, protocol, or decree on violation with you.

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