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How to pay for fare by credit card

Cashless payments have become an integral part of modern people – people increasingly prefer to pay by a card or contactless payments using NFC technology on their smartphones. This tendency has also affected the payment of fares in public transport. However, in connection to the emergence of more and more opportunities, passengers have even more questions: is it possible to pay for the fare with a bank card, and is it possible to replenish a transport card online?

There are several types of public transport in Kyiv: subway, trams, buses, trolleybuses, cable cars, and shuttle buses.  All, except for the last one, already have the option of cashless payment – in advance or at the time of visiting the transport.

More than 1 million people use the subway every day.  It remains the most popular in the capital.  You can pay for subway fares in 2020 using:

1. Smartphone and Apple Pay / Google Pay installed on it.

 2. One-time QR-ticket.

3. A bank card with the Pay Pass contactless payment function (on marked yellow turnstiles).

4. Electronic ticket for all types of transport Kyiv Smart Card

How to pay for the subway by phone

To do this, you need to have a smartphone with NFC technology for contactless payment, download the Apple Pay app for iOS and Google Pay for Android.  After that, save the bank card data in the application and attach your smartphone when passing through a special marked yellow turnstile.

The second way to pay for the fare with your phone is to buy a one-time QR ticket and pay for travel directly from the screen of your smartphone.  For this:

1. Install the Portmone.com mobile app

2. On the main screen of the application, select the section “Fare in Kyiv”, where you can buy the required number of QR-tickets (there is no commission upon purchase)

3. To pay for the fare, bring the smartphone screen with the image of the QR ticket to the validator and wait for the application and the reader to inform about successful payment.

The application is convenient because you can see the number of remaining tickets and the exact dates of those already used.  And you can also pay for travel by phone without purchasing or printing a ticket at the cashbox.

How to pay for fare by credit card

It is enough to have a card with the Pay Pass contactless payment function and a positive balance on it.  The fare is paid when the card is applied to the electronic screen of the turnstile through which the passenger passes.

If you are in doubt whether it is possible to pay for travel with a bank card in advance, then first purchase an electronic travel pass for all types of transport Kyiv Smart Card.  It can be replenished in advance online through the Portmone.com payment system.

An e-ticket is a convenient way to pay for fare in Kyiv since the card is valid simultaneously for all types of transport (cable car, subway, tram, bus, trolleybus, city train).

Is it possible to pay for travel by the tram with a bank card?

You can use the Kyiv Smart Card.  It is enough to replenish the card for the desired number of trips and attach it to the validator (a contactless device that reads the fare).

How to top up a smart card

1. Go to the Portmone.com website in the section for the replenishment of the Kyiv Smart Card (you can also use an electronic ticket and replenish through the Portmone.com service in Chernihiv and Vinnytsia).

2. Indicate the number of e-ticket.

3. Enter the top-up amount.

4. Enter the details of the payment card or select one of the previously saved ones.

5. Pay

Advantages: you no longer need to queue at public transport ticket offices or look for the nearest self-service terminals to recharge your card.

From July 1, 2020, an electronic ticket will become the only way to pay for fare in urban passenger transport.

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